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Printer Manual Download

You may also download printer manual for your printer model. Now, you may use this manual to complete the basic first-time printer setup. You may also enjoy the complete printer setup instructions at one place.
  1. Step 1: Unboxing
    • Peel off the tapes over the printer pack, to begin with, the printer setup.
    • Take your printer carefully and then clear the tapes. Then, connect it to the power supply.
  2. Step 2: Cartridge installation
    • Take the new cartridges from the box and clear the packing tapes.
    • Now, insert the cartridges into the slots, respectively.
  3. Step 3: Paper loading
    • Take a few sample papers from the printer box.
    • Load them in the input tray, align and print an alignment page.

Guide for Printer installation

printer features setup
  • Search for your printer model on the search box and let it extract the setup manual.
  • Open the manual then, and follow the steps on it to complete the 123HP printer first-time setup.
  • Generally, the printer setup manual contains the basic setup steps like:
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