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Install Officejet Pro 8022 Printer Software

Download compatible HP Officejet Pro 8022 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp officejet pro 8022 Printer Driver

HP Officejet Pro 8022 Setup

To run and connect the printer, finish the HP Officejet pro 8022 initial setup accurately. Here are the precise steps to assist you with the printer setup.

  • To unleash your new HP Officejet Pro 8022 printer, get rid of the outer package.
  • Then, keep the printer near the wall outlet and now cross-verify the contents inside the box.
  • At first, for direct electrical connection, plug the cable in the printer port and wall socket.
  • Then, turn on the printer and set the printer preferences, such as date, time, and more.
  • Now, install the provided toners into the specified slots.
  • Finally, stack the papers according to the tray capacity. Now, you have to connect the Oj Pro 8022 to the laptop or computer.

Officejet Pro 8022 Driver install

Every setup regarding the HP Officejet Pro 8022 is simple to complete. Now, the HP OJPRO 8022 driver download and installation is also easy with our below setup steps.
  • For Officejet Pro 8022 driver download, use the installation CD or online method to proceed with driver installation process for 123.hp.com/setup 8022.
  • If CD is used, unwrap it and upload it on your computer.
  • Next, the AutoPlay wizard opens and asks permission to run the file.
  • Now, go ahead by clicking the Run button to install the supported primary drivers.
  • The second alternative method is installing the Officejet Pro 8022 drivers online.
  • For the online printer driver download, visit your product driver page.
  • Once you open that driver page, enter the device details manually.
  • Now, know the features of the Officejet Pro 8022 software.
  • Then, install them and check if your printer can print.

Officejet Pro 8022 Wireless setup

Let your printer get ready for the wireless setup with the below-mentioned steps. The steps are clear enough and easily understandable for a newbie.

  • At first, check out the network availability to start. For the selected network, obtain the SSID Wi-Fi name and WEP key.
  • Now, use this password-protected network for your computer network connection.
  • After that, ensure that the router and your device are powered on.
  • If the printer is new, complete the first-time setup with the steps as mentioned above.
  • Then, change the location of the router if the connection fluctuates.
  • Once you have done all, go to the printer panel for the HP Officejet Pro 8022 wireless setup. From the available panel buttons, go to the Dashboard and choose the Setup icon.
  • After that, tap the Network Setup à Settings à Wireless wizard.
  • Automatically, the printer searches to display the networks within the range.
  • Now, from the list, touch your Wi-Fi and enter the noted password.
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