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Install Officejet Pro 8021 Printer Software

Download compatible HP Officejet Pro 8021 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp officejet pro 8021 Printer Driver

HP Officejet Pro 8021 Setup

All that your HP Officejet Pro 8021 demands is the first-time printer setup. Now, go after the step-by-step procedure to complete the setup.

  • Initially, clear the surrounding wrappers and open the box.
  • Then, lift it and allocate a plain surface for the Ojpro 8021.
  • Now, please take out the remaining accessories and verify them with the manual check-list.
  • Next, establish a power connection by linking the cable.
  • Then, click the Power button to make your printer active.
  • After that, move further to install standard papers and cartridges.
  • For that, unlock the ink carriage and also the tray.
  • Now, uncover the cartridges and insert them.
  • Similarly, choose the set of plain papers and fill the tray.
  • With the steps as mentioned earlier, the printer is all set. Now, through the specific set of printer drivers, interface your devices.

Officejet Pro 8021 Driver install

Depending upon the computer Operating System as well as needs, start the HP Officejet Pro 8021 driver download. Refer to the natural and quick steps to download the apt HP print drivers.
  • Initially, go online to open the driver installation page.
  • Then, you can download the relevant Ojpro 8021 printer drivers.
  • Once you started the download, you may notice the driver file on the footer.
  • Click on the driver file directly from the Downloads folder to open it.
  • Then, install the Officejet Pro 8021 driver and follow the instructions prompted.
  • If the CD is available, install it and get the basic OjPro 8021 drivers for 123.hp.com/setup 8021.
  • However, the CD can be able to the basic drivers on the computer.
  • Then, you may need to establish a connection with the preferred USB or wireless.
  • When you prefer the wireless option, make sure to connect with the network which is connected to your computer.

Officejet Pro 8021 Wireless setup

When you have decided on the wireless connection for the printer, you can choose either HP Smart App or the Wireless Setup Wizard. Read the below set of instructions for either method.

Step 1: Preparing for network setup

  • To begin with, enable the Wi-Fi service of the router, and a computer or mobile device.
  • Then, turn on and check if the router is capable of connecting to your Ojpro 8021 printer.
  • Now, start and complete the initial setup and remove the USB and other unwanted cables.
  • After removing the cable, select either Setup Wizard or the HP Smart app.

Step 2: Connect the computer and the printer

  • Initially, proceed to visit the main support page and import the HP smart.
  • After a smart app installation, agree to the policies.
  • Now, click on the app to open and select the Plus à Add printer.
  • Here, choose the name of your printer and configure it with the Wi-Fi network.  
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