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Install Officejet 3832 Printer Software

Download compatible HP Officejet 3832 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp officejet 3832 Printer Driver

HP Officejet 3832 Setup

HP Officejet 3832 offers the best professional-quality outcomes by completing the printer setup. At first, unpack the printer and prepare a smooth surface for it. Once you settle down the printer, keep the accessories close. Then, start the Officejet 3832 printer setup immediately.
  • Initially, to turn on your office jet 3832 printer, connect it to the power supply. Now, get the power cable from the package and plug it to the printer port.
  • Then, select a nearby wall socket and plug in the other end of the power cable.
  • Note: Use the direct electrical source for your Officejet 3832 power supply.
  • Next, take out the cartridges from the package and remove the labels.
  • Then, insert or slide the cartridges into the slots until it snaps securely.
  • After you finish installing the cartridge, refer to the control panel for the message.
  • Once the message appears, click Ok and load the sample sheets into the tray.
  • Finally, print the necessary alignment page.

Officejet 3832 Driver install

HP Officejet 3832 Driver installAfter the basic hp Officejet 3832 printer setup is successful, install drivers using the above Download button or inserting the driver CD. For both the techniques, follow the below hp Officejet 3832 driver installation steps.
  • CD HP Officejet 3832 driver download:
    • To begin with, insert the CD to your computer optical drive.
    • Then, check if the computer recognizes the CD and shows the wizard screen.
    • Once you get it, follow the onscreen instructions for 123.hp.com/setup 3832 that guide you with the Officejet 3832 software installation.
    • Note: The hp Officejet 3832 driver CD offered with the printer can provide you basic or outdated software.
  • Downloading HP smart app:
    • To make things simpler, you can install the HP smart application.
    • Once installed, double-click the app and add the printer through the “+” sign.

Officejet 3832 Wireless setup

You can start the wireless setup after you either download the drivers from a CD or download drivers from here. Then, continue with a wireless connection by following the on-screen instructions.

  • Note: Another option available to connect HP Officejet 3832 wireless is to avail of the HP Smart app.
  • At first, cancel the on-going setup process on the printer with the Cancel button.
  • Next, to refresh the existing settings, click on the Wireless à Restore Settings.
  • Then, get the Wi-Fi name and password to begin with the wireless setup.
  • If you don’t know your network details, check the rear of your wireless router.
  • Now, move to your printer touch screen. Here, go to the home screen and touch the Wireless option.
  • After that, select the Settings menu and click on the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Wait until the wizard displays the network names within the coverage.
  • At last, touch the Wi-Fi name and enter the case-sensitive password.
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