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Install Epson XP-6000 Printer Software

Epson XP-6000 Printer Setup

Learn how to set up the Epson XP-6000 with the step-by-step instructions below. Now, perform the steps one after the other to lead the hassle-free setup.

  • Initially, open the carton once you have detached the sealing tapes.
  • Then, shift your XP-6000 printer to the smooth surface.
  • Now, check the availability of the power source near the printer location.
  • Next, attach the cable to the printer and the power outlet.
  • On connecting to the power source, switch on the printer.
  • Then, unwrap the XP-6000 cartridges and install them.
  • Afterward, find the supporting size and paper type on the printer manual.
  • Finally, complete the paper installation and configure it with the devices.
  • Note: After the hardware setup, downloading the driver is much essential.

XP-6000 Driver For Windows

To scan or print using the Epson XP-6000, the drivers are the connecting force between the devices. Now, have these steps to download the XP-6000 drivers.

  • Initially, select the Windows OS computer, which can work with your XP-6000.
  • Now, from the computer, choose the driver download page.
  • While you progress, take a look at the compatible driver list for the Windows 10 computer.
  • Then, download only the full package software from the list.
  • After that, install it once you see the installation prompt on the screen.
  • Now, make use of the screen instructions and proceed to the wired or wireless setup.
  • The next method is using the driver CD to get the print drivers. However, the CD can offer your device only the basic drivers.

XP-6000 Driver For Mac

The upcoming technical document has steps on how to download drivers for your Mac OS. You can use these steps for any Mac OS device which has no pending updates.

  • Initially, verify the package for the installation CD which print and scan drivers.
  • Then, expand the built-in CD tray and upload the disc.
  • Next, move the driver file on the CD to the Mac computer.
  • Now, click on Run and wait until the software transfers to the computer.
  • Then, perform the software installation steps on the screen.
  • If you have an internet connection for the computer, then use the Epson driver site.
  • Now, fill up the search tab with the model number of the printer with a name.
  • Finally, download & install your XP-6000 drivers.

XP-6000 connect wireless with windows

Take a look at this section, if you have a wireless router, Windows device, and printer ready. Now, follow the wireless network connection steps below.

  • Initially, proceed with the software installation before you proceed to the wireless setup.
  • Choose & download the suitable XP-6000 driver and install it once downloaded.
  • Then, choose the connection type as Wireless on your computer and go to the printer panel.
  • Right from the panel, choose the solid wifi icon.
  • Once highlighted, use UP or DOWN keys to choose the wifi option.
  • Afterward, avail the wifi list to use it to connect the XP-6000 to stable wifi.
  • For connection, select your available network as well as the password.

XP-6000 connect wireless with Mac

The upcoming instructions are the necessary procedure, which assists in connecting Mac along with the printer. Now, connect wirelessly using the steps.

  • Firstly, to remove the error state, click the Home button once.
  • Then, click the icon, which has the signal bar symbol.
  • Next, choose the wifi Direct à Start Setup.
  • After that, the wifi direct screen shows the device network screen.
  • Then, select the SSID and the corresponding password for your network.
  • When the password and wifi name matches, it configures with the network.
  • Once connected, scroll down and select the OK option. The wifi Direct icon displays on the screen, which indicates that wifi Direct is enabled.
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