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Install Epson XP-440 Printer Software

Epson XP-440 Printer Setup

For the Epson XP-440 printer, get the general instruction from the Epson installation guide below.

  • Initially, tear apart the packaging stuff to pull out the printer.
  • Then, place your Epson XP-440 device on a secure and plain surface.
  • Now, plug-in to the power source using the power cable.
  • Make sure that you not connected to any hub or docking station.
  • Now, power up the XP-440 printer with the gentle push on the Power icon.
  • After that, open and clean the ink slots before you install the cartridges.
  • Note: Never touch the copper contact while installing the cartridges.
  • At last, choose a pile of U.S. Letter papers and stack on the tray.

XP-440 Driver For Windows

Basically, there are two methods to download the Epson XP-440 driver. Go ahead with the steps described below for getting the XP-440 driver.

CD driver download:

  • Initially, locate the XP-440 CD that you have.
  • Next, select only the computer with the CD driver and install the CD.
  • Now, the computer runs the software on the CD.
  • At last, specify the device connection needed and perform the onscreen instructions.

Direct Website driver download:

  • Firstly, keep a note of your printer model and the OS.
  • Then, go to the right driver page from the PC and type the collected details.
  • Next, regarding the details given, you get the complete list of Epson XP-440 drivers.
  • At last, install the downloaded software package and complete the process.

XP-440 Driver For Mac

The All-in-One Epson XP-440 drivers can be installed using two methods. Use the following steps to get the recent drivers.

Install drivers through the CD:

  • Initially, check the OS version on the computer after you turn on.
  • Then, pull out the CD tray and fix the prepared CD on it.
  • Once you get the Auto Play screen, install the XP-440 drivers.

Install drivers through the website:

  • Firstly, go to the software download page via any browser.
  • Then, search for your device drivers after you type the product details.
  • Now, hit the Download option and open the setup file to install immediately.
  • After installing the printer drivers, your Epson XP-440 is almost ready to print.

XP-440 connect wireless with windows

Get your router up and running, to begin with, the easy wireless setup. Then, follow the wireless setup instructions and get a stable connection.

  • Typically, the driver download is the first step in the wireless connection.
  • Now, choose and download the drivers either from the CD or the website.
  • While you are proceeding with the download, the connection screen appears.
  • Here, highlight the first Wireless option, and then the Auto Connect option.
  • Now, go through the option lists and select the “Control Panel Button” options.
  • Then, the prompt insists you proceed from the printer control panel.
  • Now, from the XP-440 control panel, press the Wi-Fi button.
  • Then, activate the Setup Wizard and go behind the displayed steps. 

XP-440 connect wireless with Mac

Enjoy the convenient printing along with the user-friendly features through the Epson XP-440 wireless setup. Now, learn how to complete the Epson XP-440 wireless setup.

  • Initially, get the XP-440 drivers downloaded, which is essential.
  • In the midway of installing the drivers, you get redirected to the connection process sheet.
  • Here, you can find the two options, USB and wireless.
  • Now, pick the Wireless connection and move to the next screen.
  • Next, continue with the connection process by selecting the Wi-Fi Auto Connect.
  • Now, write down the network details and go to the printer panel.
  • On the printer, locate your solid Wi-Fi icon and then the Wi-Fi Setup.
  • Lastly, the network setup screen appears where you need to select the network and type the password.
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