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Install Epson XP-400 Printer Software

Epson XP-400 Printer Setup

Satisfy all your printing needs with the Epson XP-400 printer setup. Now, go through the instructions below for the new device setup.

  • Initially, peel off the exterior packaging on the device box.
  • Then, grab your XP-400 and move it to the stable surface.
  • Now, find the nearest wall outlet to obtain the power cord connection.
  • Next, connect the authentic power cable between your printer and the wall socket.
  • Then, switch on your printer and check if the power light glows continuously.
  • After that, install the cartridges in the slots and wait for a moment.
  • Then, install the necessary papers in the media tray.
  • Now, choose the connection method to configure with your computer.

XP-400 Driver For Windows

For the proper function, you can download and install the updated XP-400 drivers and software. Based on your convenience, select the driver download mode as either direct link or CD.

Epson XP-400 printer software from the disc:

  • Typically, the printer package comes with a CD.
  • Now, expand the optical drive and place the disc.
  • Then, either go with the Run option or the Install option to install the software.
  • Finally, link your USB cable when you get the connection screen.

Epson XP-400 printer software from the direct site:

  • Initially, go to the XP-400 driver site and enter the product details.
  • Then, download the Epson XP-400 from the site and install it.
  • If you get the connection screen, select either USB or wireless. 

XP-400 Driver For Mac

To download the recent set of drivers, here are the tech instructions. After you download the software, choose the connection method as you wish.

Downloading the XP-400 drivers using the CD:

  • Initially, choose your XP-400 driver CD and install it on the Mac.
  • Now, run the drivers when you get the onscreen prompts.
  • Then, accept the driver policies and run the software.

Downloading the XP-400 drivers using the direct link:

  • Firstly, open a new tab from the computer and go to the installation page.
  • Then, fill in the product details, including the OS version of your computer and printer name.
  • Next, the page loads the XP-400 drivers that are suitable and press the Download option.
  • Finally, click on the downloaded setup file and install it on the computer.

XP-400 connect wireless with windows

The wireless is basically a secure connection method that makes printing a breeze. Use the control panel buttons along with the below tech instructions.

  • Initially, place the router near the devices and turn it on.
  • Then, complete the first-time device setup and turn on your printer.
  • Now, to import the Epson XP-400 drivers, either select the disc or download it through the website.
  • Next, start the Epson XP-400 printer driver installation using either method.
  • During the XP-400 driver installation, click on Wireless connection.
  • On the next screen, choose the available Wi-Fi Auto Connect à Using panel buttons.
  • Then, proceed to the printer control panel and click the Wi-Fi icon.
  • After that, click Wi-Fi Setup àWi-Fi àSetup Wizard.
  • Finally, key in the gathered network credentials and complete the network process.

XP-400 connect wireless with Mac

Now, add your Epson XP-400 printer to the network and also to the computer. For that, make use of the below instructions.

  • To begin with, connect the Mac device to the selected Wi-Fi through the network credentials.
  • Then, download the Epson XP-400 software right from the website or the provided CD.
  • Before that, finish the first time printer setup to download XP-400 drivers.
  • Once started with the driver download, go to the installation process.
  • Then, on the network screen, select the Wireless connection.
  • Afterward, choose the “set up printer for the first time” and then the Auto Connect.
  • Now, click on the “Using Control Panel Buttons” and find the network details.
  • Then, on the printer control panel, choose Wi-Fi Setup à Wi-Fi à Setup Wizard.
  • At last, complete the network procedure by typing the Wi-Fi password.
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