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Install Epson XP-320 Printer Software

Epson XP-320 Printer Setup

Now, it is now easy to print your documents when the Epson XP-320 is set up right. The instructions are as follows for the initial setup.

  • Initially, select the smooth surface for the Epson XP-320 printer.
  • Then, unpack the XP-320 printer and shift gently to the selected space.
  • Then, unwrap the power cable that is packed inside the parcel.
  • Now, refer to the cable terminals and connect it between the printer and the socket.
  • Then, switch on the XP-320 printer and configure the display settings.
  • Now, unpack the cartridge and remove the yellow tape from them.
  • After that, install the cartridges and insert papers in the paper tray.
  • Finally, download the compatible Epson XP-320 drivers for Mac or Windows. 

XP-320 Driver For Windows

The selective Epson XP-320 drivers can only provide the expected outcomes. To find the suitable XP-320 software, stick to the technical steps below.

Epson XP-320 drivers from CD:

  • Initially, upload CD with the shiny side facing the tray.
  • Then, the computer detects the compact disc and throws a wizard on the monitor.
  • Now, follow the monitor guidelines to download the Epson XP-320 drivers.
  • Next, accept the software terms by Epson and continue with the installation.

Epson XP-320 drivers from the website:

  • Initially, visit the suitable driver page from the Windows device.
  • Next, fill the necessary search tab with the printer and OS information.
  • Now, get the XP-320 printer drivers on the resultant page.
  • Then, use the Download and then the Install option to complete the XP-320 driver setup.

XP-320 Driver For Mac

Now, let’s get the technical instructions here to download the multi-featured Epson XP-320 drivers. Get started now as you carry out the instructions.

Downloading Epson XP-320 drivers from the CD:

  • To begin with, get the CD-ROM out of the wrappers.
  • Then, insert it in the particular disc drive of the computer.
  • After that, execute the XP-320 driver file as soon as you get the installation wizard.
  • Now, choose the Run option to download and install the drivers as instructed by the software wizard.

Downloading Epson XP-320 drivers from the direct link:

  • Initially, find if the computer is connected to the power network.
  • Then, reach the driver page and select your product number.
  • After that, pick the respective Epson XP-320 software with the onscreen instructions.
  • Once downloaded, double-tap on the driver file that runs the software package.

XP-320 connect wireless with windows

Get the direct network communication for the XP-320 with a suitable version of Windows OS. The following method does not need the help of the wireless router.

  • Initially, cancel or stop the running process on the printer by tapping the Home button.
  • Then, refer to the display and select the wifi setup via the arrow buttons.
  • Next, click OK and again press the arrow keys to highlight the wifi Direct Setup.
  • Now, choose the Connection Setup and then OK.
  • Next, on the Enter Password screen, type the password of the wifi Direct.
  • Note: For entering a password, use the available arrow keys.
  • Finally, confirm the displayed SSIS and password and close the screen. 

XP-320 connect wireless with Mac

The most suggested wireless mode is the wifi Direct method. Now, you can make use of the instructions that easily configures the device to the network.

  • Initially, click the Home option to allow the XP-320 to prepare for the network setup.
  • Next, the XP-320 screen shows the available six connection methods.
  • From them, choose only the wifi Setup and press OK.
  • Then, on the successive screen, scroll down via the option and select the Direct Setup.
  • After that, click OK if you want to change the password.
  • Now, assign a new wifi password and click OK. Next, use the same network credentials to finish the Direct wifi setup.
  • Note: You can also utilize the Setup Wizard method for add-on features.
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