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Install Epson WF-4720 Printer Software

Epson WF-4720 Printer Setup

For the Epson WF-4720 first-time setup, make use of the instructions given below. The first-time setup starts with the unpacking, power connection, and ends with the software installation.

  • Initially, unbox the printer pack by removing the protective tapes.
  • Then, open the parcel to get your printer out.
  • Next, check the inner parts of the printer to remove the extra wrappers.
  • Then, choose the power cable and connect the ends to the printer and the power socket.
  • After connecting the ends, tap the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Next, open the ink cartridge package and remove the yellow tape on the electrical contacts.
  • Then, unlock the ink carriage door and insert the cartridges into the slots.
  • After that, choose a bunch of compatible papers to stack on the paper tray.

WF-4720 Driver For Windows

Enjoy the full-fledged Epson WF-4720 printer by installing the recently launched drivers. Proceed with the steps as instructed to download your drivers.

  • Firstly, find the CD package that the Epson sends while you purchase the printer.
  • Next, check the disc tray of the computer and place it.
  • Then, permit the wizard on the screen to install the WF-4720 drivers.
  • Now, move to the connection procedure with the onscreen instructions.
  • If you do not have the installation CD, connect to the internet and go to the software page.
  • Then, select the one from the driver list and click on the Download option.
  • The download gets completed in a couple of minutes based on internet speed.
  • Finally, on the connection window, select the USB and connect the cable.

WF-4720 Driver For Mac

Read and understand the steps in the upcoming section to get a clear idea of downloading the drivers.

  • Initially, ensure that you have updated the OS of your laptop or desktop.
  • Once verified, go to the Driver’s website of the printer.
  • There, fill the search box with the particular printer model and the corresponding OS.
  • Then, the software page displays the selective drivers for the Epson WF-4720 printer.
  • Next, analyze the complete driver list and select the appropriate drivers. It is a great choice to download full drivers rather than choosing only print drivers.
  • After downloading your WF-4720 printer drivers, run the software installer.
  • Finally, select the device connection as USB or wireless.

WF-4720 connect wireless with windows

Usually, the Epson WF-4720 printer connects to the nearby network automatically when the connection is genuine. If not, go through the below instructions for the setup.

  • Initially, choose and download the Epson WF-4720 drivers.
  • As you download, you get the wireless connection screen for the printer.
  • Now, move to the printer control panel to choose the home button available.
  • After that, highlight the Wi-Fi option and choose the Setup Wizard.
  • Then, press OK and select the network option using the arrow buttons.
  • Now, give your password for the network with the help of keypad.
  • Finally, click on OK and connect your WF-4720 printer with the wireless steps.
  • Note: If you have connected the USB cable already, remove it safely. 

WF-4720 connect wireless with Mac

Now, use the manual steps for the wireless connection with the Mac device. Before you start, disconnect the unnecessary cables from the printer.

  • To begin with, download the drivers that are necessary for the Epson WF-4720 printer.
  • In the middle of the driver download, the connection window prompts for the network.
  • Now, choose the wireless connection on the computer and go to the printer panel.
  • From the panel, tap the Home button to clear the ongoing process.
  • Then, touch the wireless icon on the printer panel and choose the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Next, select your network from the list to type the password.
  • Finally, the wireless light glows on the printer panel on getting a successful wireless connection.
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