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Install Epson WF-3730 Printer Software

Epson WF-3730 Printer Setup

Once you buy the printer, you have to complete the Epson WF-3730 printer setup. The below section has the complete steps for the Epson WF-3730.

  • Initially, remove the protective wrappers on the printer box.
  • Then, move your printer along with the accessories.
  • Next, place the printer on the flat surface and check out the printer accessories.
  • Now, check out the parcel for the power cable to connect it to the printer.
  • Then, choose a wall outlet that has continuous electrical supply and attach to it.
  • Next, locate the power button and press it.
  • On the printer is up and running, open the ink slot to install the cartridges.
  • Now, pull out the input tray to feed the supported papers on the printer.

WF-3730 Driver For Windows

Epson WF-3730 is an affordable printer that can handle any home or office printing. It can connect to the Windows computer for a printer, and now here are the instructions to download the Epson WF-3730 printer drivers.

  • Initially, check if the printer is turned on and ensure papers and ink cartridges are correctly installed.
  • Then, switch on your computer and open the browser to reach the Epson setup page.
  • After that, select the suitable Epson WF-3730 printer drivers to download on your computer.
  • Before that, check out for the OS updates on the computer. Then, proceed to download the WF-3730 drivers.
  • From the list on the setup page, choose the latest drivers to download.
  • Finally, choose the connection type as the USB or wifi method.

WF-3730 Driver For Mac

The drivers for the Mac device is readily available here to download and install. First, check the supporting OS, which is compatible with both USB and wifi. Now, follow the steps for the easy Epson WF-3730 driver download.

  • To begin with, ensure the continuous power supply for the printer to turn on.
  • Then, go to the computer’s browser to visit the driver setup page of the Epson.
  • Now, on the displayed driver page, type the Epson printer model and the OS.
  • Then, choose the recommended Epson WF-3730 driver for the Mac.
  • Ensure that you are choosing the full feature driver for add-on features.
  • Now, click on Download and then the Install option to complete the Epson 3730 driver setup.

WF-3730 connect wireless with windows

Activate the Epson Connect feature on the printer in Windows. On proceeding with this setup, get the wired or wireless connection base on the specification.

  • Initially, select the Manuals option on the Start Here sheet. For that, you have to open the Epson support page from the computer.
  • Then, select the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility to proceed for Download.
  • Now, accept the end-user agreement to let the computer download the utility.
  • Next, click on Install, and then the Finish option.
  • Then, start the registration process using the Printer Registration.
  • Next, click on Agree and then the Next option.
  • Finally, create a new account for registering your printer.

WF-3730 connect wireless with Mac

Before you start this procedure, the printer needs to be connected to any wireless network. From the main page, choose the Manuals and Warranty option and follow the steps below.

  • Initially, setup the connection and go to the Start Here page.
  • Next, download the Epson Setup Utility and run it.
  • Then, click on Continue when the wizard screen appears.
  • Now, go through the complete software agreement and select the Agree option.
  • After that, choose the Install option and then the Close option.
  • On the next screen, choose your Epson WF-3730 device and click on Next.
  • Then, wait for the registration screen and now register your printer.
  • Close the screen once you have registered the printer and print a test page.
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