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Install Epson XP Photo HD-15000 Printer Software

Epson XP Photo HD-15000 Printer Setup

Setup the Epson XP Photo HD-15000 printer without any error using the steps here. Let’s start the procedure with the unboxing and continue with the software installation.

  • Initially, clear all the packaging material to take out the Epson Photo printer.
  • Then, locate a firm base where you want to position your printer.
  • Now, find the nearby outlet to offer power supply.
  • Next, grab the ends to attach one to the printer and other to the socket.
  • Turn on the Epson photo printer as you have connected the cables.
  • After that, clear any wrappers stuck inside the paper tray or the ink slot.
  • Finally, install the cartridges as well as the papers to end the hardware setup.
Epson XP Photo HD 15000

HD-15000 Driver For Windows

Everything that you need for the printer setup is drivers. No matter what connection type you use, you can proceed with these upcoming steps.

  • Initially, ensure the availability of the CD in the accessories box.
  • Now, grab it and remove the protective covers for installing.
  • Next, install the CD on the tray and let it throw the AutoRun screen.
  • Here, follow the on-screen instructions that install the basic drivers.
  • On the other hand, move to the driver setup page.
  • From the screen, select the compatible Epson Photo driver.
  • Next, press the Download icon and install the drivers to the correct location. 

HD-15000 Driver For Mac

The essential component for the Epson XP Photo printer working is software. Now, select the printer drivers according to the instructions below.

  • Initially, look for the CD that you may receive with the printer.
  • Then, install your basic driver CD from the CD to the PC.
  • The AutoRun setup file gets installed on the computer.
  • After that, remove the CD and go with the setup instructions.
  • The second method for the downloading driver is an online method.
  • Initially, reach out to the Epson setup page and choose the device model.
  • As per the device model, get the drivers on the screen.
  • Finally, choose the combo driver package to install it.

HD-15000 connect wireless with windows

The Epson XP Photo HD-15000 wireless setup is one of the easiest connection methods. Now, the below wireless mode steps lead you through the error-free setup.

  • To begin with, check if there is a message for OS updates.
  • If you get the update notification, complete it and then go to the driver page.
  • On the main page, download the driver and proceed until you reach the wireless screen.
  • After that, move to the printer control panel and check for the physical Wi-Fi icon.
  • Then, the printer screen shows the Recommended Wi-Fi option.
  • Now, click on it and select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard mode.
  • Finally, read the full network list on the screen and choose your network.
  • Then, enter the password for your network. Next, check for the wireless signal light on the printer.

HD-15000 connect wireless with Mac

The Epson Photo HD-15000 printer wireless connection is not a tedious process if you use the below steps. Now, get a connection for the HD-15000 printer in a snap.

  • Initially, download and run the Epson HD-15000 printer driver.
  • While you proceed to the installation, the computer prompts to choose the connection.
  • At that time, select the wireless mode and return to the control panel.
  • Now, search the Wireless icon and click on it.
  • After that, choose your recommended Wi-Fi button with a gentle push.
  • Then, on the device setup screen, select the Wireless Setup wizard.
  • As a result, a bunch of network name displays to choose yours.
  • Finally, key in your Wi-Fi password for the hassle-free connection. 
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