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Install Epson ET-M1170 Printer Software

Epson ET-M1170 Printer Setup

Epson ET-M1170 printer setup follows the instructions below:

  • To begin with, remove the ET-M1170 printer along with the accessories form the box.
  • Then, remove the packing stuff from the printer surface and connect it to the wall outlet.
  • After that, turn on your new ET-M1170 printer and proceed to fill the tank.
  • Now, fill the smart eco tank from the bottle that comes in the pack. This printer has only black color as it is a monochrome printer.
  • Then, load papers into the input paper tray and print the alignment page.
  • After that, establish a secure connection between the ET-M1170 printer and the devices.
  • Finally, install all the available ET-M1170 printer drivers and software from the CD or the driver download page.

ET-M1170 Driver For Windows

  • Compatible Windows OS versions – Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Now you can install the latest version of ET-M1170 drivers for the compatible Windows OS versions.
  • You may use the CD or the driver page to install the ET-M1170 drivers.
  • Firstly, go to the Epson ET-M1170 driver download page and get the available drivers list.
  • Then, choose the suitable driver and software for your Windows, depending on the printing need.
  • After that, install the drivers to the computer with the steps on the installation wizard.
  • In case you are using the driver installation CD from the box, you may choose to update the driver versions later.
  • Also, you can get the specific add-on software for Windows to enhance the ET-M1170 printer performance.

ET-M1170 Driver For Mac

  • Compatible MAC OS versions: MAC 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra), and 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • To begin with, run the Epson ET-M1170 driver installation wizard and follow the steps on the wizard screen.
  • Then, the wizard asks for choosing the connection type between the ET-M1170 and the devices.
  • Here, choose either the USB connection or the wireless connection.
  • Then the wizard lists all the available Epson ET-M1170 drivers and software.
  • Now, choose the suitable driver and software set for your MAC computer and install it.
  • You can use the driver install CD from the box or download it online.
  • We suggest downloading the latest Epson ET-M1170 driver file online, as it is the latest version.

ET-M1170 connect wireless with windows

As the Epson ET-M1170 printer does not have a display panel, you can use the USB cable to enable a wireless connection.
  • Firstly, run the Epson ET-M1170 Software setup file on your Windows computer.
  • Then, follow the instructions on the Wireless setup wizard screen to proceed with the process.
  • Now on the connection screen, the wizard asks to choose either the USB setup or the Wifi Protected Setup.
  • Here, select the USB Setup mode, and the wizard prompts for a temporary USB connection between ET-M1170 and device.
  • Then, it displays the list of the available nearby Wifi networks.
  • Now, choose your home Wifi name and type the password for a secure connection.
  • In case your Wifi name is not on the list, you can add it manually.

ET-M1170 connect wireless with Mac

You can use the USB cable to create a temporary connection between ET-M1170 and the MAC computer to connect them Wireless. Follow the Epson ET-M1170 Wireless setup steps below for successful network setup.

  • To begin with, run the Epson ET-M1170 Software setup file.
  • Then, follow the steps on the wizard screen and go to the connection type screen.
  • Here, choose the Wireless setup option and then the USB Connection Setup.
  • Now, the wizard instructs to connect the ET-M1170 and the MAC with the USB cable temporarily.
  • Then, it lists the nearby wireless network names, from which choose yours and type the password.
  • On successful Wifi connection between the Epson ET-M1170 and the MAC computer, disconnect the USB Cable.
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