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Install Envy Photo 6220 Printer Software

Download compatible HP Envy Photo 6220 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp envy photo 6220 Printer Driver

HP Envy Photo 6220 Setup

Make your HP Envy Photo 6220 a complete device with the initial printer setup steps. Now, go in flow with the below steps.

  • Initially, lift your Envy Photo 6220 printer from the box.
  • Then, find the supporting accessories of the Envy Photo 6220 printer.
  • Now, utilize the included power USB cable and plug-in carefully.
  • Once inserted cable pins, turn on your printer.
  • Next, open the ink cartridge door for cartridge installation.
  • After that, extend the paper tray to feed only the compatible papers.
  • Then, adjust the tray’s paper guide to make the papers fit in the tray.
  • If you get the prompt for the panel settings, choose the correct language as well as the region.
  • At last, proceed to select the print test page option and verify it.
  • Also, check the OS type details of the computer and connect & download the Envy 6220 software

Envy Photo 6220 Driver install

Before you print a document or the photo, it is must interface the selected computer with your Envy 6220.
  • Initially, power on the Envy 6220 printer after you complete the initial device setup.
  • If you find any cables such as USB or Ethernet, plug out them.
  • Then, choose to execute the HP print drivers from the support page or the included CD.
  • While using a CD, install the AutoRun file. And for downloading the drivers from the setup page, select the .dmg or .exe file.
  • While you install the Envy 6220 drivers for 123.hp.com/setup 6220, you get the device connection screen.
  • Now, choose the wired or the wireless connection based on your choice.
  • For Mac computers, choose Apple à System Preferences à Print and Scan.
  • Finally, choose the Envy 6220 printer from the list to add with the printer.

Envy Photo 6220 Wireless setup

Let your Envy Photo 6220 printer connect to either Mac 10.15 or Windows 10 wireless. To do so, adhere to the instructions shown below.

Step 1: Basic network information gathering

  • To begin with, check out the minimum network requirement as follows.
  • At first, select the Windows or the Mac device in wireless connection.
  • Then, get the broadband network access before initiating the Envy 6220 wireless setup.
  • At the time of the computer connection, make a hint of the password and the name of this network.

Step 2: Envy 6220 wireless connection

  • Now, click the cancel option to get the printer home screen.
  • Then, search out for the Wireless icon or the button.
  • Now, tap gently on the Setup icon to view the IP address screen.
  • Next, choose the third tab, Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • At last, you get the network summary screen to choose the specified network.
  • On selecting, key in the WPA key in the passcode tab.
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