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Install Deskjet 2678 Printer Software

Download compatible HP 2678 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp Deskjet 2678 Printer Driver

HP Deskjet 2678 Setup

Below is the supportive instruction document for the HP Deskjet 2678 printer. Make use of the initial setup steps and complete the process in a jiffy.

  • To begin with, tear apart the protective tapes on your device box.
  • Now, check the contents inside the package.
  • Then, remove your printer along with the accessories and place them on the steady surface.
  • Next, spot the nearby power outlet and attach the printer cord to it.
  • Also, connect it to the Deskjet 2678 printer port.
  • Then, hit the power button on the printer to switch on.
  • Now, take out the cartridge package and remove the outer cover.
  • Then, open the ink carriage door and install all the cartridges.
  • Now, close the door once you have installed the cartridges.
  • After that, install the U.S letter papers in the paper tray.
  • Finally, connect the printer to the computer and download the suitable drivers.

Deskjet 2678 Driver install

There are two different convenient ways to download the full-featured HP Deskjet 2678 drivers. Now, get the drivers at ease with our expert steps.

  • Initially, check out if the printer package has the original driver CD.
  • Then, take it from the cover and install it on the opened CD tray.
  • Next, in a few minutes, the setup wizard appears on the screen.
  • Once you get it, execute the setup file using the setup prompts.
  • In the end, choose either wired or wireless on your connection screen.
  • If you have lost a CD or you need add-on features, get the drivers from the website.
  • Now, put in the details, which include the OS model and printer model.
  • As a result, a bunch of supportive Deskjet 2678 drivers gets displayed.
  • Scroll up or down and tap the Download button of the suitable Deskjet driver.
  • At last, go to the Downloads folder and try installing that driver.
  • While you perform installation, you have to choose the connection method.

Deskjet 2678 Wireless setup

For add-on features, we always recommend getting a wireless connection for the Deskjet 2678. When you follow the instructions below, the setup is simple and easy.Deskjet 2678 wireless setup (Windows):
  • Initially, check whether your computer or laptop is compatible with your printer.
  • Then, please turn on your router and keep it near to the printer & computer to proceed with the setup.
  • Now, download the Deskjet 2678 printer driver and proceed until you get the “Wireless” option for 123.hp.com/setup 2678.
  • Next, please select the network and type the password for it.
  • Finally, add the printer to the device list of your computer.
  • After activating the wireless, check if the wireless light glows.
Deskjet 2678 wireless setup (Mac):
  • Firstly, connect the Mac to the selected network.
  • After that, start to download the compatible Deskjet 2678 drivers and install them.
  • Now, wait until you get the network screen for selecting the network.
  • Finally, type the password and click on Ok.
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