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Install Deskjet 2676 Printer Software

Download compatible HP 2676 Printer Drivers and Software for your Printer

hp Deskjet 2676 Printer Driver

HP Deskjet 2676 Setup

Now, printing made simple with the HP Deskjet 2676 printer. Once you get a printer parcel, right away unpack and complete the necessary steps. Have a look at the next section for the device setup.

  • Initially, clear the protective tapes and plasters that are on the printer package.
  • Next, grab your printer carefully from the carton.
  • Then, spot the right location to settle down your printer.
  • After that, you have to examine the power port of the Deskjet 2676 printer.
  • Once linked to the printer and socket, push the power icon
  • When the printer is ready, access the ink door to open it.
  • Then, get the 2676 cartridges out of the pack and install it.
  • Note: Ensure that you are not holding or touching the copper heads while you insert.
  • The last step is to place the same size and type papers in the tray.
  • When the initial setup is done correctly, you get the alignment page from the printer.

Deskjet 2676 Driver install

Whether you require basic or full-feature, here are the steps. In general, you can download the drivers wither offline or online. Start the process now with the easy to follow steps.CD driver download:
  • Initially, remove the CD from the pack and extend the optical driver.
  • Now, check the tray and fix the CD to load it.
  • Then, wait for 60 seconds for the computer to detect the external CD.
  • Once detected by the computer, it pops up the wizard screen.
  • Now, search out for either Install or Run option on the wizard prompt.
  • Finally, complete the driver installation by following the onscreen instructions for 123.hp.com/setup 2676.
Direct link driver download:
  • If you have an internet connection on the computer, then proceed to the setup page.
  • Now, go through the driver list and choose the software that includes all the features.
  • Finally, install the Deskjet 2676 driver and do as the monitor instruction guides.

Deskjet 2676 Wireless setup

You can configure the HP Deskjet 2676 printer to the network using the instructions in the upcoming section.

  1. Getting requirements for the wifi network setup
  • Initially, make use of the network information, which is necessary to configure with the office or wifi network.
  • Then, turn on the router & computer if they are not turned on already.
  • Now, choose the same network to connect with the printer.
  • Proceed only if the initial printer setup is over.
  • For better connection quality, have the devices in the shorter distance.
  • With all the above requirements, move to the next step.
  1. Wireless setup along with driver download
  • Once again, go through all the basic settings and open the browser.
  • From the browser, move to the Deskjet 2676 software page.
  • Then, select the values such as the printer model & OS version.
  • After that, the screen displays basic and full-feature software.
  • Now, installing the drivers redirect you to the wireless screen.
  • On the network screen, choose the Wireless and proceed with the onscreen instructions.
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